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Application with EU/EEA school leaving certificate

If you finished school in an EU/EEA member country, you can be admitted within the general admission period.

Attention: You may not be enrolled for the same degree program at two universities in Austria at the same time! If you want to transfer to another university in Austria you need to de-register at the previous university after having passed the entrance exam at the other university.

The information mentioned below is not suitable for study programmes with entrance examination!

Info about study programmes with entrance examination

How do you apply for admission?

You have to follow these steps within the general admission period:

  1. register and upload the required documents in U:SPACE within the deadlines
  2. entrol to the study programme
  3. pay the tuition fee/students’ union fee

Information about general admission period

Step 1: Registration and upload of documents

You need to register via U:SPACE and activate your u:account, which you will need throughout your studies at the University of Vienna. Throughout the whole entrance procedure all information will be sent to the e-mail address you enter in U:SPACE in this registration.

Prepare the following documents for upload (e.g. as pdf)

  • Secondary school leaving certificate
  • a translation (issued by a court sworn translator) of the secondary school leaving certificate in case it is not issued in German or English
  • passport or personal ID card (plus document verifying a change of name such as marriage certicate)
  • passport photo for the students' ID 
  •  proof of proficiency in German at B2/2 level (not needed in case the secondary school certificate was issued in a German speaking country)
  • proof of additional or supplementary exams (if needed, e.g. Latin or Greek)

Information about German proficiency and accepted certificates
Info about translation and legalisation
List of study programmes with additional or supplementary exams

Step 2: Enrolment to the study programme

Within the general admission period you have to present the documents mentioned above in original or notarised copy at the Admission Office (Mon 9-12 a.m., Thu 2-5 p.m.).

When you enrol your identity will be checked. Therefore this step can only be completed by yourself personally, not by another person.

Admission periods

Step 3: Payment of the tuition fee/students’ union fee

Once your tuition fee/students’ union fee payment has been communicated as paid, you are admitted for the study programme.

You can pay with your ATM/cash card (showing the maestro sign) at the Admission Office when you complete the enrolment. If you use this form of payment, you are enrolled immediately.

You can choose among these other types of payment:

  • eps Online payment via eps U:SPACE > financial matters > tuition fee/students’ union fee (this is only possible if you have an Austrian bank account)
  • classical online bankingper Online-Banking; the data required are available in U:SPACE > financial matters > tuition fee/students’ union fee
  •  you print a payment bill using your u:account password at the self service terminals in the main building and pay at a bank

Information about the tuition fee/students’ union fee
Self service terminals (in German)

What happens after the enrolment?

Once the balance in U:SPACE > financial matters > tuition fee/students’ union fee shows „zero“, the payment has been communicated successfully. If you use online banking or pay with the payment bill, this may take up to seven days.

Then you can print your student documents via U:SPACE > Personal matters > my documents (i.e. the student record and confirmation of enrolment). The semester sticker for your student ID card will be sent to the postal address entered in U:SPACE.

After the enrolment you can start to plan your semester and to register for courses within the respecvtive registration deadline.

How to plan the semester
Info about the course registration system


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