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Visiting Master – limited admission to a master degree programme

If you want to spend one semester of your master degree programme studying at the University of Vienna, you can apply for admission as a "visiting master student". The application has to be done in u:space during the general admission period.

You have to upload the following documents as PDF files in u:space:

  • Your bachelor diploma
  • A recommendation letter from your supervisor or the academic officer in charge of admissions at your home university.

The recommendation letter (see under "documents" on the right hand side) needs to contain the information that attending a particular class, the use of some institution (e.g. a special library, collection etc.) of the University of Vienna is necessary and desirable for the completion of your master degree programme (with a short reasoning) and will be accredited at your home university after your stay in Vienna.

The Admission Office will process your application and check for completeness. After the processing, which will take a several weeks of time, you will be notified by the Admission Office. Due to organisational reasons information about the status of your application cannot be provided while it is being processed.

The acceptance letter you receive from the Admission Office is valid for one semester only and can be used for the semester you applied for, no exceptions will be made. You can be admitted as visiting master only once.

Please bear in mind that

  • you can only participate in a class if sufficient places are available.
  • you are admitted at the University of Vienna with a temporary limit for one semester.
  • you have to take care of all issues with regard to visa regulations, residence permit, costs for the stay, accommodation, insurance etc. by yourself.
  • you have to pay the tuition fee prescribed according to your citizenship.

If you want to continue studying at the University of Vienna after this semester, you need to apply for regular admission again with all required documents including legalisations, translations. What documents you need for a regular masters admission mainly depends on your citizenship.

General admission period
Amount of the tuition fee and payment
Admission to a masters degree programme with a diploma from another university

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