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Non-degree programme students

Non-degree students are not enrolled for a specific degree programme (e.g. Law or Chemistry). This type of admission is intended mainly for persons who do not (yet) have a school leaving certificate (e.g. Austrian “NachmaturatInnen”).

Attention: The interim status as non-degree programme student while attending the University Preparation Programme (i.e. 'German course') is a different legal matter, as the applicant is already officially accepted at the University of Vienna.

Students who want to be enrolled in a University course (“Universitätslehrgang”) inform themselves directly at the Postgraduate Center about the admission.

For those two groups of students the following information is not valid!

What do you have to bear in mind as a non-degree student?

  • Examinations you take in the non-degree student status can only be recognized for a later degree programme if you were not in the possession of a secondary school certificate at the day of the exam.
  • The places in courses are primarily given to degree programme students and thus you might not be able to make use the full range of courses offered (also in the STEOP).  
  • You cannot take diploma exams, modular exams (some STEOP-exams are modular) or doctoral examinations in the non-degree student status.
  • If you have non-EU citizenship you need to clarify at the MA 35 the regulations for obtaining/prolonging a student visa while still in the non-degree status (we advise to do this before you apply)
  • You cannot apply for the student insurance (reduced fee for health insurance) in Austria while you are in the non-degree status. 

How do you apply for admission as a non-degree student?

Register in u:space and activate your u:account within the admission period of a semester. For the personal admission in the Admission Office (Mo-We 9-12, Thu 14-17; Universitätsring 1, 10101 Wien) you need a valid ID-card (passport) and a passport photo.

You will only be admitted as a non-degree programme student, if you have paid the tuition fee.


How do you pay the tuition fee/students' union fee?

You can pay the tuition fee and the students' union fee respectively directly at the counter of the Admission Office with a cash/ATM card. Via your u:account you can find out the data for online banking or you can print a payment bill for the tuition fee/students' union fee at the Self Service Terminals (SB-Terminals).


The amount of the tuition fee

How do you receive the student documents?

Once your payment is visible in u:space you receive the semester sticker for the student ID by post. The student record and confirmation of studies can be printed at home via u:space or at the Self Service Terminals (SB-Terminals). 

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