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Admission to a doctoral/PhD degree programme for graduates of the University of Vienna

After completing a master or diploma programme at the University of Vienna you can apply for a doctoral/PhD programme.

Application and admission to doctoral/PhD programmes (except PhD programmes in Economics) is possible throughout the year.

Deadlines for PhD in Economics

Is it the same field or not?

"In the same field" means e.g. a diploma or master degree in Political Science and doctoral/PhD programme in the field of Political Science.

"Not in the same field" means e.g. after the completion of a diploma or master in Chemistry you wish to apply for a doctoral/PhD programme in the field of Pharmacy.

Teacher accreditation programmes are always considered as studies "of a different field".

Information concerning the relevancy or similarity of degree programmes is available in the curriculum, which you find on the detailed information site of the respective doctoral/PhD programme.

Detailed information for all degree programmes (in German)

Admission to a doctoral/PhD degree programme in the same field

You have to apply for admission to a doctoral/PhD programme in the same field via u:space > "Administration" > "Admission to degree programmes". Please upload a motivation letter (just one or two lines).

You are admitted as soon as your tuition fee/students' union fee payment is visible in u:space.

Admission to a doctoral/PhD programme in a different field

Step 1: Application for admission

Please prepare the following documents for upload in u:space (in PDF format):

  • your diploma of completion of your degree
  • your diploma supplement or transcript
  • proof of proficiency in English or other prerequisites for admission (if indicated in the curriculum)

Please upload all required documents in one step, otherwise the processing time will be prolonged.

Step 2: Receive the admission letter

Your documents will be checked at the Admission Office. After a processing time of several weeks you will receive a letter of admission via e-mail at the address entered in u:space.

Due to organizational reasons it is not possible to provide information about the current status of the processing at any time in between.

Step 3: Enrolment to the master programme

The admission can be

  • granted without additional exams
  • granted with additional exams to be taken out of the bachelor and master programme. These can be done during the doctoral/PhD programme and may be a maximum of 60 ECTS.
  • rejected.

Information about the additional exams is contained in the admission letter. You do not need to enrol for the bachelor programme separately. It is recommended to take the additional exams at the beginning of your doctoral/PhD programme.

To finish the admission procedure, come to the admission office in person, with the printed-out admission letter, your student ID, and, if you want to pay your tuition fee right away, a Maestro debit card.

The tuition fee/students' union fee needs to be paid and visible in u:space in order to complete the enrolment.

Mind the registration periods for the course registration in each semester and plan the enrolment accordingly!

Admission periods

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