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Continue studying

In order to continue your studies you have to pay the tuition fee/students' union fee within the admission deadlines of each semester. If you forget to do so, you will lose the admission at the University of Vienna!

Admission deadlines

How to continue your degree programme?

You have to pay the tuition fee/students' union fee within the admission deadline, that is to say within the general admission period or by the end of the extended admission period the latest. It is important to pay the whole prescribed fee (tuition fee and students' union fee) in time. A payment by instalments is not possible.
Only after your payment has visibly entered in the database of the University of Vienna, your admission as a degree programme student is prolonged.
Also in the case you only have to pay the students' union fee, the full amount has to be paid within the deadline.

How to pay the tuition fee/students' union fee?

What to do if you study at more than one Austrian university?

If you are admitted to degree programmes at more than one university, you have to inform each university of the continuation of your studies. This is done automatically only at the university where you pay the fee.
Regardless of how many universities in Austria you are admitted to, you have to pay the tuition fee/students' union fee only once every semester.

Attention: In case you have to pay the tuition fee at one of the universities you are admitted, you have to pay the entire amount there. The students' union fee will then be reported as paid at the other university. Do not pay the tuition fee at one university and the students' union fee at the other one!

If you have not paid the tuition fee/students' union fee at the University of Vienna, you can give notice of the continuation of your study programmes via U:SPACE by indicating your matriculation number and your u:account password. Once the balance unter "Financial matters > Tuition fee/students' union fee" is zero, the amount has been reported as paid. Under "Studies > Study overview" you can then click on the link "continue" in order to inform the University of Vienna of the continuation of the programmes. 

You will then see in the list of study programmes that you are admitted again for the programmes you clicked on "continue".

What happens after giving notice of your continuation?

You can check the status of your payment on your u:account at the University of Vienna. As soon as your payment has visibly entered, your student's documents can be issued.

Once your payment has visibly entered on your u:account, you can print out your student's records at home via U:SPACE or at one of the Self Service Terminals (SB-Terminals). You will get your semester sticker via post to the postal adress given in U:SPACE.

If you do not receive the semester sticker within three weeks after you paid the fee, you can also print your semester sticker at the SB-Terminals in the Main Building at the University of Vienna (Universitätsring 1, 1010 Vienna).

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