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Leaving the university

Students who intend to quit their degree programme at the University of Vienna and who do not want to continue their studies at another Austrian university, do not need to follow any special procedure.
Just do not pay your tuition fee and your admission to the university will expire automatically by the end of the extended admission period.

Is it possible to resume your studies?

Of course it is possible to be readmitted to your studies later. Please bear in mind that you will be readmitted to the currently valid curriculum. Exams of previous periods of studies can be recognized according to the new curriculum.
If you need certificates stating the periods of study for any authority, please contact the Admission Office.

What do you need if you want to transfer to another Austrian university?

If you want to continue your studies at another Austrian university, you need a proof of your deregistration or rather a certificate of transfer (Abgangsbescheinigung) from the University of Vienna. In some cases, an authority may also ask you for this certificate. If you successfully complete a programme, you do not receive a certficate of transfer.

The certificate of transfer is available at the Admission Office. Present your student ID card to receive it. You can notify the Admission Office of your leaving throughout the year within the office hours (Mon-Wed 9 - 12 a.m., Thu 2 - 5 p.m.).

Please note that the deregistration is only possible if you do not have any books borrowed from the Vienna University Library.

In case you cannot deregister with the university in person, it is possible to give a person of confidence an authorisation therefore. In addition to the stated documents, the authorised person has to bring the authorisation as well as a valid personal ID card.

You can also write an e-mail from your u:account webmail adress to the Admission Office. If your u:account is not active anymore, you can write from another e-mail adress if you attach a scan of a valid personal ID. For deregistering a bachelor/diploma programme, write to, for a master programme, to and for a doctoral/PhD programme, to The certificate of transfer will be sent to you via e-mail.


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