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Scholarships, Prizes, Grants

In the University Bulletin ("Mitteilungsblatt") you find a list of all sorts of financial support offered for students of the University of Vienna. See the link 'Stipendien, Förderungen'.

The list not only contains the scholarships awarded by the University of Vienna itself (for students with citizenship of certain countries, for special study achievements and for research), but also a range of prizes and grants awarded by banks, companies and other institutions.

Other interesting offers, in particular for staying abroad, are listed on the website of the International Office.

GRANTS, a database comprises the scholarships for incoming and outgoing students and researchers available in the respective academic year and the requirements for the coming years.

The database is provided and serviced by the Office for Exchange Programmes (BAMO) of the Austrian Exchange Service (ÖAD) under the commission of the Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture.

Recently, scholarships inside Austria (Inside-scholarships) have been added to to the database.

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