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Payment of the tuition fee and the students' union (ÖH) fee

Full and timely payment of your prescribed tuition fees is a prerequisite of your admission to studies, respectively of registration for the continuation of your studies! Payment by instalments is not an option.

Should you only have been prescribed the payment of your students' union (ÖH) fee, you will be required to pay it in full as well – including your insurance contributions.

Please pay only within the admission, respectively extended admission period of each semester (term)! Early payment may lead to difficulties in tracing the payment back to you.

What payment options do you have?

You can choose between three methods of payment:

  1. Payment by eps online payment
  2. Online banking
  3. Payment by means of a payment slip

All payments have to be carried out within the admission period (respectively extended admission period). The Admission Office does not offer the option of cash or credit card payment! Payment by ATM card is only possible during the admission to a degree programme.

First option: Payment by eps online payment

Payment by eps online payment is only possible if you have an Austrian bank account!

The advantage of paying by eps online payment is that the payment will be credited immediatley to your student account. Thereby you can print your study documents via U:SPACE directly after the payment.

And this is how it works:

Step 1: Keep your bankinformation ready
Step 2: Login to U:SPACE;
Step 3: Choose payment by eps online payment at "Financial Matters > Tution fees/students' union fee"
Step 4: Choose your bank
Step 5: Login to Online-Banking of the chosen bank
Step 6: Enter TAN or TAC
Step 7: Release for payment

For your information: The Client Data field (orig. Germ.: "Kundendaten") is not relevant for this type of payment since it is booked directly to your student account.

Attention: Do not use the data this kind of payment for paying via Online-Banking! Online-Banking is another type of payment that requires different data. The money cannot be traced back to you if you confuse those two types of payment!


Second option: Payment slip

This is the most common method of payment. Please be sure to use the original payment slip, issued by the University of Vienna! You can print it out from the beginning of the admission period at the self-service terminals, using your u:account password. The payment slip will neither be sent to you, nor will it be printed out for you at the Admission Office.

The twelve-digit, semester-client code printed on the payment slip is essential to tracing the payment back to you. Please check all data for correctness before completing the payment.

Pleae do not write any comments on the payment slip (like "tuition fee for winter semester"). This complicates and delays the booking of the amount, which is a disadvantage for you.

We strongly advise against cash transfers and payments carried out from self-service terminals located at banks – crucial data is often forgotten, which inevitably leads to difficulties in tracing the payment back to the sender!

Caution: International money transfer transactions often involve transfer fees! Banks may deduct these from the amount to be transferred, thus diminishing the sum booked onto the recipient account, which in turn prevents your registration for continuation of study from being carried out, since tuition fees and students' union fees are to be paid in full. Please use IBAN and BIC codes when transferring money from abroad: 

  • IBAN: AT10 3200 0311 0031 1399

Third option: Online banking

If you are a registered user of online banking services, you can conveniently carry out the money transfer via the Internet. In order to do this, you will require the recipient’s banking details. They are available on your payment slip, as well as on U:SPACE, under the header "Financial matters > Tuition fee/students' union fee" (be sure to select the correct semester!).

It is essential that you enter the correct semester-client code into the payement reference field (orig. Germ.: "Zahlungsreferenz"). Please do not enter further information as "payment for summer semester" etc. This is not necessary and it is a disadvantage for you.

Entering erroneous information can lead to difficulties in tracing the payment back to you. Please check the code after having entered it or copy and paste it directly from U:SPACE!

In case your bank does not feature the payement reference field (orig. Germ.: "Zahlungsreferenz") on its online banking interface, please opt for another payment option! Do not input your data into the "Reference Text"/"Reason for Payment"/"Purpose of Payment" field, as your transfer will not be traceable back to you.

Please do not use transfer order templates, because the twelve-digit code varies from one semester to the next.

How long does it take for your payment to be booked?

For administrative reasons, booking can take up to seven days (with the exception of payments by means of EPS).

You can check the status of your transfer under the header "tuition fee/students' union fee" (orig. Germ.: "Kontoinformation") on U:SPACE (if the payment is booked, your account balance is zero).

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