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The Vienna University Computer Center (ZID)

The Vienna University Computer Center (Zentraler Informatikdienst - ZID) is the technical service provider of the University of Vienna and offers students a wide range of services.

The main office of the ZID is located in the NIG (Neues Institutsgebäude). If you have technical questions or technical problems, please contact the Helpdesk of the ZID.

What does the Vienna University Computer Center (ZID) offer?

  • u:account
    The u:account-Service is available for all students of the University of Vienna and offers not only an own e-mail-address including various other mailing-services but also disc space for a personal homepage, usage of fileservices, wireless internet (eduroam, u:connect, u:connect-wired), courses, e-learning, u:print, u:soft, U:SPACE and much more.
  • Use of the public computer rooms
    The condition for the use of the computer rooms of the university is a valid u:account-userID.
  • Webspace
    There is a personal memory capacity available for every student, on which personal websites and files can be stored and accessed by fileservices.
  • Courses offered by the ZID
    The Vienna University Computer Center offers several courses, lectures and online-courses concerning various technical topics, which are held various times during the semester. In general, there is a course fee but students receive a discount. You can register at the helpdesk of the ZID.

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