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Besides the admission procedure and the formalities of visa application it is also necessary to find a suitable accommodation. There are various options for you depending on your individual needs and life style.


Non-Austrian students can choose among the whole range of dormitories in Vienna. As the admission modalities differ from dormitory to dormitory you should ask directly at the dormitory of your choice about the formalities about six month before you start to study. The costs are between € 300 and € 400 for a single room and € 250 to € 350 for a double room.

The Austrian Exchange Service (OeAD) also helps non-Austrian students, especially Erasmus students and students getting grants of the OeAd in finding suitable and affordable accommodation with its housing service.

Flat/apartment sharing

A very common alternative to living in a dormitory is sharing a flat/apartment with other students. There are also some webportals in which you might find your future flat mate.

Renting a flat/apartment

Before signing a rent contract it is advisable to gather information about your rights and duties and to have the rental contract checked by an expert. This way you can sometimes achieve a reduction (e.g. in case of a time limit in the contract the legal maximum rent has to be reduced by 25%).

Looking for a flat can be time-consuming and should be well planned. If you commission an estate agency with the search you have to pay commission (usually several monthly rents) for this service. Take into account that deposits might have to be paid as well as payments for previous investments.

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