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All degree programmes from A-Z

This list shows you all degree programmes offered by the University of Vienna. Please find descriptions of all degree programmes in German on our German website.


B - Bachelor programmes
Bakk - Bachelor programmes, ending with the Austrian title "Bakkalaureus/Bakkalaurea"
LA - Teacher accreditation programmes
M - Master programmes
Mag - Magister programmes, ending with the Austrian title "Magister/Magistra"
IMS - Individual Master Studies
Dr - Doctoral/Phd Programmes

Bachelor programmes

African Studies (B)
Ancient History and Classical Studies (B)
Astronomy (B)
Biology (B) (entrance exam)
Business Administration (B) (entrance exam)
Business Informatics (B) (entrance exam)
Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies (B)
Chemistry (B)
Classical Archaeology (B)
Classical Philology (B)
Comparative Literature (B)
Computer Science (B) (entrance exam)
Dutch Studies (B)
Earth Sciences (B)
Economics (B) (entrance exam)
Education (B)
Egyptology (B)
English and American Studies (B)
European Ethnology (B)
Fennistic Studies (B)
Geography (B)
German Studies (B)
History (B)
History of Art and Architecture (B)
Hungarian Studies (B)
International Business Administration (B) (entrance exam)
Japanese Studies (B)
Jewish Studies (B)
Korean Studies (B)
Languages and Cultures of South Asia and Tibet (B)
Linguistics (B)
Mass Media and Communication Science (BAKK) (entrance exam)
Mathematics (B)
Meteorology (B)
Musicology (B)
Nutritional Science (B) (entrance exam)
Oriental Studies (B)
Pharmacy (B) (entrance exam)
Philosophy (B)
Physics (B)
Political Science (B)
Prehistoric and Historical Archaeology (B)
Protestant Theology (B)
Psychology (B) (entrance exam)
Religious Education (B)
Romance Studies (B)
Scandinavian Studies (B)
Sinology (B)
Slavonic Studies (B)
Social and Cultural Anthropology (B)
Sociology (B)
Sports Sciences (BAKK) (entrance exam)
Statistics (B)
Theatre, Film and Media Studies (B)
Transcultural Communication  (B)

Diploma programmes

Catholic Theology (DS)
Law (DS)

Teacher accreditation programmes

(all with entrance exam)

Biology and Environmental Studies - Subject of instruction (LA)
Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian - Subject of instruction (LA)
Catholic Religious Education - Subject of instruction (LA)
Chemistry - Subject of instruction (LA)
Computer Science and Computer Management - Subject of instruction (LA)
Czech - Subject of instruction (LA)
Descriptive Geometry - Subject of instruction(LA)
English - Subject of instruction (LA)
French - Subject of instruction (LA)
Geography and Economics - Subject of instruction (LA)
German - Subject of instruction (LA)
Greek - Subject of instruction (LA)
History, Social Studies and Political Education - Subject of instruction (LA)
Home Economics and Nutrition - Subject of instruction (LA)
Hungarian - Subject of instruction (LA)
Italian - Subject of instruction (LA)
Latin - Subject of instruction (LA)
Mathematics - Subject of instruction (LA)
Physical Education and Sport - Subject of instruction (LA)
Physics - Subject of instruction (LA)
Polish - Subject of instruction (LA)
Protestant Religious Education - Subject of instruction (LA)
Psychology and Philosophy - Subject of instruction (LA)
Russian - Subject of instruction (LA)
Slovakian - Subject of instruction (LA)
Slovenian - Subject of instruction (LA)
Spanish - Subject of instruction (LA)
Specialisation Inclusive Education (LA)

Master programmes

Advanced Theological Studies (M)
African Studies (M)
Ancient History and Classical Studies (M)
Ancient Near Eastern Languages and Oriental Archaeology (M)
Anglophone Literatures and Cultures (M)
Anthropology (M)
Applied Linguistics (M)
The Arab World: Language and Society (M)
Astronomy (M)
Austrian Studies - Cultures, Literatures, Languages (M)
Banking and Finance (M)
Behavior, Neurobiology and Cognition (M)
Bioinformatics (M)
Biological Chemistry (M)
Botany (M)
Business Administration (M)
Business Informatics (M)
Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies (M)
Cartography and Geographic Information Science (M)
Religious Education (M)
Chemistry (M)
Chemistry and Technology of Materials (M)
Chinese Studies (M)
Classical Archaeology (M)
Classical Philology (Latin) (M)
Classical Philology (Greek) (M)
Comparative Literature (M)
Communication Science (M) (entrance exam)
Computer Science (M)
Computational Science (M)
Conservation Biology and Biodiversity Management (M)
CREOLE - Cultural Differences and Transnational Processes (M)
Culture and Society of Modern South Asia (M)
Didactics of Informatics (M)
Drug Discovery and Development (M)
Dutch Studies (M)
Earth Sciences (M)
East Asian Economy and Society (M) (entrance exam)
Ecology and Ecosystems (M)
Economics (MAG)
Education (M)
English Language and Linguistics (M)
Environmental Sciences (M) (entrance exam)
European Ethnology (M)
European Master in Health and Physical Activity (M)
Evolutionary Biology (M) (entrance exam)
Finno-Ugrian Studies (M)
Gender Studies (M)
General Linguistics: Grammar Theory and Cognitive Linguistics (M)
General Slavonic Studies (M)
Genetics and Developmental Biology (M)
Geography (M)
German as a Foreign and Second Language (M)
German Studies (M)
Global History (ERASMUS MUNDUS) (M)
Historical Research, Historical Ancillary Sciences and Archiving (M)
History (M)
History of Art and Architecture (M)
History of Theatre, Film and Media (M)
Hungarian Studies (M)
Indo-European Studies and Historical Linguistics (M)
Interdisciplinary East European Studies (M)
International Business Administration (M)
International Development (M)
Islamic Religious Education  (M)
Islamic Studies (M)
Japanese Studies (M)
Jewish Studies (M)
Korean Studies (M)
Languages and Cultures of South Asia (M)
Mass Media and Communication Science (MAG)
Mathematics (M)
MATILDA: European Master in Women's and Gender History (M)
Media Informatics (M)
Mediaeval and Neolatin Studies (M)
Meteorology (M)
Middle European interdisciplinary master programme in Cognitive Science (M) (entrance exam)
Molecular Biology (M)
Molecular Microbiology, Microbial Ecology and Immunobiology (M)
Musicology (M)
Numismatics and the History of Money (IMS)
Nursing Science (M)
Nutritional Science (M)
Palaeobiology (M)
Philosophy (M)
Philosophy and History of Science (M)
Physics (M)
Physics of the Earth (Geophysics) (M)
Political Science  (M)
Prehistoric and Historical Archaeology (M)
Protestant Theology (M)
Psychology (M) (entrance exam)
Regional Research and Regional Planning (M)
Religious Studies (M)
Romance Studies (M)
Scandinavian Studies (M)
Science - Technology - Society (M) (entrance exam)
Slavonic Studies (M)
Social and Cultural Anthropology (M)
Sociology (M)
Sports Sciences (MAG)
Statistics (MAG)
Studies in Egyptology (M)
Theory of Theatre, Film and Media (M)
Tibetan and Buddhist Studies (M)
Translation (M)
Turkish Studies (M)
Urban Studies (M)
Zoology (M)

Doctoral/PhD programmes

Doctoral Programme in Arts and Humanities, Philosophy and Education (Dr)
Doctoral Programme in Business, Economics and Statistics (Dr./PhD)
Doctoral Programme in Law (Dr)
Doctoral Programme in Natural Sciences and Engineering Sciences (Dr)
Doctoral Programme in Natural Sciences and PhD Programme in Life Sciences (Dr/PhD)
Doctoral Programme in Social Sciences (Dr)
PhD-Programme in Advanced Theological Studies (PhD), Doctoral Programme in Catholic Theology (Dr) and Doctoral Programme in Protestant Theology (Dr)

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