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Focus Point: Master Studies

Within the abundance of high quality master's programmes offered at the University of Vienna, some selected programmes (referred to as "Focus Point: Master Studies") lay emphasis on an increasingly interdisciplinary and international perspective as well as a close orientation towards innovative fields of research.

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Entrance Examinations
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Information about the different "Focus Point: Master Studies"


An interdisciplinary approach uses knowledge and perspectives of various disciplines to research different phenomena. The combination of diverse disciplines allows a differentiated and broad analysis of problems and results in multi-facetted solutions which can be used and implemented in many fields.


The fundamental global approach of the "Focus Point: Master Studies" is emphasised by the international composition of students and faculty. The cooperation with various institutions strengthens the unique position within the international scientific environment. Students are encouraged to broaden their scientific horizon through international experience and mobility programmes.


Through their interdisciplinary approach and the combination of innovative teaching methods with highly up-to-date research fields the "Focus Point: Master Studies" offer the chance to choose an individual focus. Innovative research fields and an inspiring educational environment aim towards the development of scientific and personal interests and assets.

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Entrance examinations

Some of the "Focus Point: Master Studies" have a special admission procedure with special application deadlines. In order to guarantee the quality of the programme and teaching, access to these programmes is limited. Information about the admission requirements, procedure and the most important deadlines is available on the information websites of the specific programmes and here.

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Are you familiar with ...?

... the interdisciplinary master's programme "East Asian Economy and Society" (EcoS)? Socio-economic, political and cultural research approaches with Asia as its focus outline the programme.

East Asian Economy and Society
The two-year master's programme East Asian Economy and Society (EcoS) is a multidisciplinary programme dealing with contemporary societal, political and economic aspects of the East Asian region as a whole. read more

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Information about the different „Focus Point: Master Studies“

Banking and Finance
 The aim of the programme is to introduce students to the most recent theories and methods which are necessary for a successful career in the financial sector, in public administration, and in regulatory agencies. read more

Business Administration
The master programme Business Administration (Master BW) has been fundamentally reformed and offers the possibility to choose specialisations in various subject areas in the amount of 80 ECTS und thus customize the individual studies better to demands and personal career aspirations. read more

Computational Science
The Master of Science degree programme, Computational Science, trains students to become experts in the computer-aided aspects of the natural sciences. read more

Ecology and Ecosystems
MEC addresses fundamental problems in ecology in a holistic way. Core topics are the role of organisms in the functionality of ecosystems, and the factors responsible for the spatial and temporal variations in biodiversity and functioning of systems. read more

Environmental Sciences
The master’s programme and research network Environmental Sciences is a hub for students and scientists who want to apply deep scientific thought to the earth environment and some of its most urgent problems. read more

Evolutionary Systems Biology
A joint Master's programme at the University of Vienna & Vetmeduni Vienna read more

Lernecke in der Bibliothek der Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaften.

International Business Administration
The master's programme International Business Administration (Master IBW) is offered as an interdisciplinary study programme. read more

Middle European interdisciplinary master programme in Cognitive Science (MEi:CogSci)
What is cognition? What is free will? What is the role of our bodies and the environment in cognition? How can I understand another person? read more

Physics of the Earth
A two-year programme offered by the major universities of Austria and Slovakia: University of Vienna and Comenius University in Bratislava building on the strength and complementary expertise. read more

Knowledge and technologies are deeply intertwined with the ways we live in the world. How we communicate, move, work and care for our health – all this is constantly changing through new scientific and technological options. read more

Urgeschichte und Historische Archäologie
Die Urgeschichte und Historische Archäologie bezweckt die Gewinnung, Dokumentation und wissenschaftliche Bearbeitung von zumeist materiellen Quellen zum Menschen. read more

Das Masterstudium Zoologie richtet sich an Studentinnen und Studenten, die an moderner Forschungsarbeit an tierischen Lebewesen interessiert sind. mehr lesen

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If you have further questions about the different study programmes, please see the contact information given on the corresponding information site.

Contact for teachers/university staff: For information about the presentation of the ”Focus Point: Master Studies“ on the Student Point website, please contact

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