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Nine topics - many possibilities

As one of the oldest and largest universities in Europe, the University of Vienna offers a wide range of master's programmes. Below you find the programmes assigned to nine topics.

1) Art & Culture
These programmes focus on art and culture – spreading from phenomena of the mere way of living to high culture and art.

2) Economy, Society & Law
These degree programmes address inter-/national economic studies as well as legal and social aspects of current societal phenomena.

3) Education, Philosophy & Religion
This field combines degree programmes that address education, philosophy or religion, discuss phenomena of other subjects from an educational, philosophical or theological perspective or broaden teaching skills in these areas.

4) Languages
Language (theory, history, comparison, culture) provides the subject for these degree programmes.

5) History
Studies in the field of History analyse different periods of history and various geographical areas from an academic perspective.

6) Mathematics & Technology
This topic includes studies of (computer-based) technology as well as mathematics.

7) Natural Sciences
This field includes all degree programmes of life sciences and natural sciences, from anthropology and geoscience to physics.

8) Psychology, Health & Sport
The (human) psyche as well as physical health and sport are the main research topics of these programmes.

9) Society & Politics
These programmes discuss societal and political phenomena of different periods and regions from the discipline’s perspective with its specific research background.

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