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Alternative Extensions

Alternative extensions ("Alternative Erweiterungen") are a combination of courses you may choose without having to consult with your study programme director ("Studienprogrammleitung"). If your bachelor programme includes a complementary study programme ("Erweiterungscurricula") then you have the option to complete alternative extensions to an extent of 15 ECTS instead.

Please note: supplementary exams in Latin, Greek or biology cannot be recognized within the framework of alternative extensions.

Areas for alternative extensions

You may choose alternative extensions from the following areas:

  1. Additional courses from your study programme or another study programme at the University of Vienna (depending on the places still available in the respective courses)
  2. Additional courses offered at another Austrian postsecondary educational institution (e.g. another university)
  3. Additional courses offered at another postsecondary educational institution abroad
  4. Courses, exams or certificates from another postsecondary educational institution, which are considered a proof of proficiency in a certain language
  5. Work as a student representative can reduce the extent of the alternative extensions

For 2, 3 and 4, you will need to apply for recognition to the study programme director.

For 1 and 5 no separate application for recognition is necessary, as the assignment of courses to the respective module "Alternative Extensions – Alternative Erweiterungen" can be done via U:SPACE.

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