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Changing Personal Data

Changing personal data includes changing your address, your citizenship or your name. Depending on the type of change there are different documents and procedures necessary. Intended changes of the location of studies or the change of study does not count as a change of personal data.

Changes of personal data are not transferred to the students' union (ÖH).

What kinds of changes can you make yourself in U:SPACE?

Change of delivery or home address

Announcing a change of your address is possible online via U:SPACE under the headline "Personal Matters > Personal Data". Click "apply" and only then "save"!

Provision of bank account data

Providing your bank account data is possible in U:SPACE under "Personal Matters > Personal Data". Select "Bank account", then "new" (or "edit" if you want to change the data). Don't forget to check the confirmation box!

Please note that the confirmation check mark disappears if you select "edit". This is necessary to ensure that all changes in your bank data are being confirmed by you.

What kinds of changes have to be made in person at the admission office?

Change of name or academic title

Announcing a change of name or academic title is possible only personally at the Admission Office. You need the original of your marriage certificate/academic diploma or the official documents that prove the change of name/title and your student ID.

The name or title will be changed in the database and in your student ID at the counter.

Change of citizenship

Announcing a change of citizenship is possible only personally at the Admission Office. You need your student ID and the original of the official document that proves the changed citizenship. The data will be changed at the counter.

Changing your citizenship may have consequences concerning the amount of the tuition fee.

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