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Extension Curricula ("Erweiterungscurricula")

Many Bachelor programmes offer, in addition to compulsory and elective modules, one or more complementary study programmes called extension curricula (EC). Thereupon, students are able to gain additional skills not covered by the Bachelor programme.

How to register for an extension curriculum?

The registration for an extension curriculum has to be done before the completion of the first course which forms part of your EC.
You can register for extension curricula during admission deadlines. The registration is valid for an entire programme and it is only possible if the completion of the EC corresponds to your main curriculum.
You can register online at U:SPACE where you can also change the selected extension curricula at a later point. 

Admission deadlines

How to sign on for courses?

Please note: if you are registered for an extension curriculum, you are not automatically signed on for the corresponding courses. You have to sign on via the registration system in the semester in which you which to attend the courses.

How to complete an extension curriculum?

The EC is completed when all required modules and the courses they are comprised of are successfully completed. Your university leaving certificate and the Diploma Supplement specifically show all extension curricula completed.

How is an extension curriculum structured?

Each extension curriculum consists of modules comprising 15 respectively 30 ECTS. It allows you to take an active role in developing your individual education.

EC contain their own aim of studies, modules, description of modules, examination regulations; completely independent though very similar to a regular curriculum.

If within the framework of your degree programme one or more extension curricula are compulsory, you can choose freely from the offered range of them. It is usually not possible, however, to select an EC in the same field of study as your degree programme (e.g. you cannot combine business administration with the extension curriculum business administration).

List of all Extension Curricula (in German)

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