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Recognition of courses and exams

If you have already completed courses/exams at the University of Vienna or at another university and wish to have these recognized/transferred, you will need to contact the study programme director (Studienprogrammleitung – SPL) of your faculty for further information. The study programme director decided which courses/exams can be transferred and for which part of the current curriculum (Studienplanpunkt).

For information regarding the recognition of internships or prior research activities, please also contact the study programme director of your faculty.

For exams which have been passed at the University of Vienna, you may submit an application for recognition via the U:SPACE platform.

For exams which have been passed at another university, please contact the study service center (StudienServiceCenter or StudienServiceStelle) of your faculty.

Information regarding the formalities of recognition can be found on the subpages of this navigation point.

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