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u:account service & u:space

After the admission you need to activate your u:account (with your matriculation number and the password chosen in the pre-registration).
In the activation you have to choose a new password – your u:account password. If you have forgotten your password please contact the Computer Center. After the activation you receive a u:account user ID. With this u:account user ID and the u:account password you can log into u:space.

After the activation of your u:account you receive an e-mail address ( or - if you started from winter semester 2014/15 - The University of Vienna will use this address exclusively to inform you of changes in the administration and study related issues via e-mail. For the login you need the u:account password and your u:account userID (aMatriculationnumber; e.g. a1234567).

You can forward the u:account e-mails to your private e-mail account.

What do you need the u:account for?

  • Payment of the tuition fee
  • Printing the student records (confirmation of studies…)
  • Printing the payment bill
  • Registration for courses and examinations
  • Checking your grades
  • Checking the tuition fee payment
  • Registration of minors (Erweiterungcurricula)
  • Changing the address
  • E-learning platforms of the University of Vienna
  • Confirming the continuation of studies, etc.
  • Applying for achievement scholarships
  • Continuing the admission when payment has been done at another university
  • Participating in the dedication of the tuition fee

As long as your studies are continued your u:account remains active.


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