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Admission to a master programme

After completing an at least three years degree programme (180 ECTS), you can apply for admission to a master programme. The admission is only possible if you have completed a programme in the same field or a closely related scientific discipline. 

Information about eligible diplomas can be found in the curriculum of the degree
programme or in the Master Access Guide.

Curricula of each programme

Please note:

  • Whether or not your degree is equivalent or closely related can only be evaluated after your application.
  • Entrance examination: Some master programmes are subject to specific
    entrance examination. Application periods might differ from general periods.
  • The processing time for applications (with a degree completed at the University of Vienna in a different discipline or a degree completed at another university or postsecondary education institution) takes several weeks. Please apply as early as possible.
  • You can only apply with a fully completed degree.(Transcripts without a bachelor diploma cannot be accepted.)
  • Due to organisational reasons, the Admission Office cannot give information about the status of the admission process.
  • The personal admission (the last step of the admission procedure) is possible until 30 November (winter semester) and 30 April  (summer semester). There are some exceptions to these deadlines.
  • Admission after the start of the semester can mean that you might not get a place in certain courses. This might influence your progress while studying.
  • You cannot attend classes from the master programme while still being enrolled in the bachelor programme.

The admission procedure depends on your nationality and whether you apply with a diploma from the University of Vienna or not.
Please choose the relevant information in the navigation on the left hand side.

Admission with diploma from the University of Vienna
Admission with diploma from another university

Important deadlines for the application to a master programme
Master programmes with entrance examination
Master Access Guide

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Visiting Master

Are you studying a master programme and would like to spend a semester at the University of Vienna to complete courses and use the university facilities (e.g. libraries)? The “Visiting Master” – which is open to all students (even to those whose university does not have a mobility programme cooperation with the University of Vienna) – provides this opportunity.

Visiting Master

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