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About Student Point - our tasks

Student Point provides information for Austrian and non-Austrian students and applicants interested in studying at the University of Vienna.

Student Point works

  • unbureaucratically
  • service oriented
  • in an inter- and intra-university network

Student Point offers

  • information via e-mail, telephone and personally
  • information in several languages in printed form and on the website

Student Point offers information

  • about the choice of studies and the range of degree programmes offered at the Univesity of Vienna
  • about organisational and administrative matters
  • about the tuition fee
  • about matters regarding study law
  • for students with disabilities

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Universität Wien
Student Point
Universitätsring 1
1010 Wien
Tiefparterre, Hof 4, Stiege 6
Tel. +43/1/4277-10600

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