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Tasks of the Admission Office

The Admission Office is responsible for all matters concerning the admission of students.

If you need a consolidated grade record or transcripts or if you want to submit documents concerning your degree or your study section, please contact your StudienServiceStelle (SSS) or your StudienServiceCenter (SSC).

Tasks of the Admission Office:

  • Admission procedure to all degree programmes at the University of Vienna including administrative decisions (except postgraduate courses):

- with an Austrian school leaving certificate/degree
- with a Non-Austrian school leaving certificat/degree


– Bachelor, diploma and teacher accreditation programmes
– Master programmes
– PhD programmes
– Individual studies (with the involvement of the "Studienpräses")
– Non-degree programmes (except postgraduate courses)
– Co-registration of students from other universities

  • Admission and coordination of the Studienberechtigungsprüfung
  • Changes of degree programmes, deregistration of students and change of personal data (name, address, citizenship, etc.)
  • Change of degree curricula
  • Matters concering the tuition fee (remission, reimbursement, etc.)
  • Leave of absence
  • Administration, qualitiy management and developement of the IT-student administration (in colloboration with the Koordinationsreferat)
  • Quality management and revision of student data (in colloboration with ZID, bmwfw, BRZ)
  • Study time confirmation

Opening hours of the Admission Office:
Monday 9-12am
Thursday 2-5pm

Contact details of the different sections: see box "contacts" on the right side

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