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Choosing a degree programme

You are interested in studying at the University of Vienna and want to start an academic career? This is the very first step towards the university.
But now you have to decide which one of the numerous degree programmes offered at the University of Vienna you want to do. This decision should not be taken without sufficient information.

List of all degree programmes offered at the University of Vienna

Who or what can help you make the right choice?

There are several counselling and advice centres which can help you making this important decision: apart from the Psychological Counseling Service for Students which offers seminars and personal counselling, the bfi vocational training institute and the Wirtschaftsförderungsinstitut (WIFI) can also be a valuable source of information and orientation.

Where can you find information about a certain degree programme?

Once you have selected one or a few degree programmes that match your interests and ideas, you should try to gather information about the curriculum and the educational objectives. The curricula lay down the contents and the structure of the degree programmes and contain qualification profiles for graduates. You can download the curricula (in German) on our German website at "Curriculum/Studienplan"

Details of all degree programmes (in German)

Your ideas of a certain degree programme may not always match the actual contents and objectives of the degree programmes. If you have specific questions regarding a certain degree programme you should contact the respective students' representatives. These are students who are studying the degree programme themselves and who can give advice to beginners. You can find the contact of the students' representatives (telephone, email, website) on this website on the right-hand side, next to the (German) descriptions of the degree programme on our website.

It may also be advisable to visit the department and see where the lectures will be given. Please search for the department addresses in the staff and institutions database.

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