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Study programme director

The organization of studies at the University of Vienna is conducted by 48 study programme directors. Depending on the amount of students, these directors either supervise a bigger study programme or several smaller studies. As so-called "managers of the study organization and the course of study", they represent an "interface" between students, professors and the university administration. Study programme directors are responsible for a group of various study programmes, they organize the preparation of the syllabus and also offer mentoring in legal and organizational aspects regarding studies.

The study service centers (StudienServiceCenter and StudienServiceStelle) are institutions which support the study programme directors in their work, e.g. regarding recognition of courses/exams; submission of scientific papers, final degrees etc.

Recognition of exams which were passed at the University of Vienna (internal)

Recognition of exams which were passed at another university (external)

Tasks of the study programme director

  • Fulfillment of organizational and legal tasks regarding studies
  • Planning and organizing the course programme and exam procedures
  • Quality management of courses and lessons
  • Providing information and counseling for students

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