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Semester planning

Unlike schools, the univiersity does not provide you with a fixed timetable but you have to plan your semester yourself.
The most important tools that help you with the creation of your timetable are the Course Catalogue (Vorlesungsverzeichnis) and the curriculum of your study.

What is U:FIND?

U:FIND is the online catalogue of courses, persons and organisations at the University of Vienna. U:FIND shows all courses of all studies offered in the respective semester. Besides information like the title, type and content of a course, you can also find information concerning the course lecturer, the place and the possibilities of registration there.
A few weeks before the semester begins, the courses of this semester are available in U:FIND:

  • from 1 July for the following winter semester
  • from 15 January for the following summer semester

In addition to the course catalogue in U:FIND, there is often a annotated version of each study available at the respective institute.

What is a curriculum?

The curricula inform about qualification profiles, duration and structure of the study as well as its admission requirements. Detailed lists and descriptions of the parts/modules offer an overview of which courses have to be passed in order to be able to complete your study.

There is a curriculum for each study at the University of Vienna. You can find it at the detail page of the respective study. The responsible StudienServiceStellen (SSS), StudenServiceCenter (SSC), student representatives and directors of study programmes offer further information about the curricula.

 Detail pages of all studies

Who helps you with planning your semester?

If you have questions concerning the curriculum or the Course Catalogue or if you have problems creating your timetable you may contact the students' union of your study. Furthermore, it is recommendable to attend the first semester's tutorials which are also offered by the students' union and which facilitate the beginning of your study.
You can find the addresses and the contact persons on the (german) detail pages of the studies.

 Detail pages of all studies

How can you register for courses?

The registration for courses and for exams is handled differently depending on the study. If you have questions concerning this topic it is best to clarify them with the StudienServiceStelle (SSS), the StudienServiceCenter (SSC) or the students' union.
It is important to know that most studies have set deadlines for the registration for courses and that many courses that need notification only have a limited number of places.
In order to successfully start your studies, it is therefore important to be admitted the earliest possible and to obtain information about deadlines and dates.

By now, most registrations for courses and exams are carried out via the online preregistration system. Many studies already use the university-wide registration system via U:SPACE. In order to login to U:SPACE you have to have activated your u:account.

Information and Deadlines for registration in U:SPACE

What are the next steps after the registration for courses?

After having created your timetable, received a place for the courses and become familiar with the formalities of the institute, nothing further stands in the way of a successful beginning of your study. The course lecturers will announce conditions of the course and the examination modalities at the beginning of the semester.

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